shooting nick

Robert Blanche, Sarah Rosenberg, Tyler Gannon, Daniel Yost
Original Story, Photographed and Directed by Daniel Yost
Produced by Daniel Yost and Robert Blanche
Written by Robert Blanche, Sarah Rosenberg, Tyler Gannon and Daniel Yost
Edited by Daniel Yost and Justin Lowe
Music by Heavy Johnson Trio

Filmmaker DAN is shooting an ATM machine for a potential documentary on America when his money is grabbed and he is forcibly taken to his car by loose-cannon couple NICK and TESS and told that he will shoot the next two days of their lives while they party on the road.

Nick wants to tour the Oregon coast, hitting the bars and beaches, before his upcoming 40th birthday. But he also has a personal agenda which he’s telling no one, not even Tess.

The road trip is chaotic, always with the threat of danger, and gets more complex with the addition of cute l8-year-old hitchhiker ERICA, who’s only goal in life is to become famous without working at it.

Surprisingly, the trip evolves into a journey of discovery for all involved, as well as a probing look at contemporary American culture, giving Dan the footage he might have wanted all along.

Still Nick holds to a secret plan, which comes to a dramatic climax on the historic 200-foot Astoria Column overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Columbia River estuary in Astoria, Oregon.

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