Tara Walker as Cindy
With Daniel Yost
And Justin Shandor as Himself
Produced, Shot and Written by Daniel Yost and Tara Walker
In Association with Jamie's Rock & Roll Legends
Directed and Edited by Daniel Yost

Cindy Cordelia Loper is eight months pregnant. Or rather, seven, she says, until eight months becomes official in two days. She is seven months pregnant with-she believes-the grandson of Elvis Aaron Presley.

Joined by skeptical documentary filmmaker Dan, who is interested in her story, Cindy is on a mission to deliver a message of great importance to Justin Shandor, Elvis impersonator extraordinaire, who is performing in casinos in the Pacific Northwest, and who, Cindy believes, is the father of her child and the true son of Elvis.

According to Cindy, Elvis sent her on this mission when he rose out of the waters of the mighty Willamette River, surrounded by rays of sunlight, appearing in a vision, just as the Blessed Mother Mary herself appeared to Bernadette.

Her intentions are pure, Cindy insists. She is not out for money and fame, she states, emphatically defending herself when Dan raises the question.

"Don't Be Cruel," Justin sings, aware that he was adopted, but how can he not be to Cindy, whose mission and message seem impossibly far-fetched. Cindy is sure her ex-neighbor Gloria is his mother. Gloria said so. Gloria always played Elvis' music and collected his memorabilia and had a romantic story to tell about Elvis in Vegas.

However, Dan went on the Internet and found 76,483 women who said they'd slept with Elvis. And a number of them claimed Justin was their son as well.

Will Justin buy her story and join her in raising their love child, or is she headed for Heartbreak Hotel?

Cindy's story:
Cindy Cordelia Loper. Remember that name. God works in mysterious ways, and She has chosen Cindy as Her spokesperson for urgent messages that can literally save the world! As with Bernadette and the children of Fatima before her, Cindy is an unlikely vessel for God's word. Even more surprising is the angel sent to deliver that word, none other than Elvis Presley. But Cindy is not surprised. "Elvis was spiritually connected. He had to be to have such beautiful music," she says. Cindy was seven months pregnant when Elvis appeared to her as she sat on a log in the shallows of the mighty Willamette River near Portland, Oregon. "Elvis rose out of the water, illuminated by the sunlight," Cindy told filmmaker Daniel Yost, co-writer of the award-winning independent movie, Drugstore Cowboy, and director of Shooting Nick, a hit at the recent Raindance Film Festival in London. Cindy said that Elvis' message to her was that the world would be in terrible trouble in the year 2040, and the lovechild she was carrying would help to save mankind. Elvis told her to deliver this message to the extraordinary Justin Shandor, star of Jamie's Rock & Roll Legends. Justin, who Cindy says, "Looks so much and sounds so much like Elvis that he could be Elvis," lives and performs in Las Vegas, but comes to the Pacific Northwest every summer for concerts, which Cindy attends. Justin studied Elvis extensively as a young boy and has become the living embodiment of Elvis Presley's personality, humor and most of all, the King's music.

Cindy's miraculous experience has transformed this simple girl into someone the world has not seen in recent years. At a time of confusion and war and the fear of terrorism, at a time where many important issues are muddied by meaningless banter between self-appointed pundits and talking heads on television, and at a time where many other urgent issues are not even thought of or discussed, Cindy Cordelia Loper has become an ORACLE.

Cindy herself barely comprehends this, but she had started to experience a rush of ideas that come to her with speed and clarity as if by some fiber optics conduit from the universe. As a medium for these ideas, she will share them over the next year, as the world's most powerful nation, the United States of America, starts the long process to choose a president that hopefully will bring us out of a dark chapter in our history and restore the world's faith and trust in us as a force for the betterment of our own people and that of all humanity.

Cindy Cordelia Loper will speak, and the power of truth and wisdom coming from her lips in brief video conferences will profoundly influence the political, environmental and human rights debate in this country and throughout the world.