love & sex etc.

Sal Landi, Marie Caldare, Levani, Carl Bressler, Hollie Heatherley, Celena Rubin
Written and Directed by Daniel Yost
Produced by Daniel Yost and Gloria Zimmerman
Edited by Esther P. Russell
Photographed by Stephen Shultze
Production Design by Jeremy Levine
Music by Robert Mothersbaugh (of Devo)

Joe goes out to a singles bar with friends Cornelius and Levani (the self proclaimed “Kevin Costner of Georgia--the country, Georgia”), who ineptly hit on a couple of hotties. Joe meanwhile spies beautiful Julie sitting with a friend. After Cornelius and Levani are rudely rejected, Joe demonstrates how to get a girl’s attention--by having a waiter take her a pizza. Cornelius and Levani laugh this off as pathetic strategy, but their jaws drop when Julie comes up to Joe with the pizza and a smile: “Guys buy me drinks, send me flowers, but I’ve never had anybody send me a slice of pizza before.” Off Joe goes with Julie, planning nothing more than a one-night stand. They go to her “mansion”, a nine-bathroom Brentwood house almost devoid of furniture, because it’s about to be sold by Julie’s roommate’s father, the real owner. Joe carries Julie into one of the ornate bathrooms and places her on the sink basin, with the passion heating up until Joe refuses to wear a condom that Julie holds up. As they argue, Julie accidentally knocks off a faucet, causing water to spurt upward. Joe grabs the condom and tries to stop the water with it.

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The condom explodes, water shoots up, breaking a light bulb, and they keep arguing while Joe struggles to get the disaster under control. Julie’s cute roommate and her voluptuous friend show up and Joe is only too happy to go off with them while a soaked Julie smolders. After Julie changes into dry clothes, she comes down to the kitchen and kicks out the two girls who are flirting with Joe. She and Joe then glare at each other. But instead of leaving, Joe goes back to the bathroom and mops up. They begin talking. And they keep talking. They surprise each other by talking all night, about tattoos, sex, their fathers, sex, jobs, sex, what women do in bathrooms (related to sex) and relationships--and sex. By the time dawn arrives, they are fast friends, and as the sun comes up, they walk on the beach with their arms around each other.