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Shooting Nick
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Shooting Nick Review:
Intending to shoot a documentary about American life, middle-aged loser Dan (director Daniel Yost) is instantly kidnapped by a manic couple (Robert Blanche & Sarah Rosenberg) who demand that he documents their trip to the beach on video. Understandably terrified, Dan accepts their instruction and before long is in the back seat filming their every action, the footage of which constructs the film itself. Subjected to such humiliating yet side-splitting taunts as introducing his newfound friends to his elderly mother (whom he lives with), he remains loyal to his captors; even to the extent of lying to the police. Though ridiculed for his boring lifestyle, Dan gradually becomes an essential mediator between the frequently turbulent couple. While remaining behind the camera for most of the journey, his presence is always prevalent within the scene, eventually blurring the line between victim and friend.

What begins as a chaotic comedy progresses into a fascinating character study, where the initially anarchistic and hostile kidnappers are explored to reveal a greater depth. Their frank conversations offer a vibrant social commentary on America, demonstrating two intelligent fun loving people who have become disillusioned with today’s society.

Shooting Nick plays out like a fascinating holiday home video, only its contents far exceed its form. It is witty, raw, hilarious and often genuinely touching. With a sharp script and a thoroughly independent spirit, it’s a must-see.